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About me

al About me

The photo came to me in the fall of 2007. I probably should have come to her, but she beat me to it. We looked at each other for a long time. We rubbed ourselves. Of course there were disagreements, there were even quarrels with smashing cymbals. Moreover, she beat the plates. We couldn’t stand each other for a long time. They shouted and waved their hands. They slammed the door loudly. Talked a lot. And then they learned to be silent. And they began to understand each other.

She is, of course, ridiculous.
Extremely absurd and chaotic. And very ambivalent. And selfish beyond measure.
It gets stubborn.
Can’t forgive.
Can hurt a lot.
He likes to walk around the apartment shod, in dirty shoes. With a clear conscience.
If it hits right in the heart. Doesn’t spare.
Dislikes weakness.
Bad character.
She promised to get better. Someday… I believe her…

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