A lot of things will make sense as long as there are people with whom you can just walk in the park and eat ice cream. Or get lost in the forest, playing football with bumps forever scurrying under your feet. Just.
Joking and laughing. Meditate. Talk about serious topics. Just talk. Send each other sms. Or call at three in the morning to say, Are you sleeping? Not? And me too…
Just chat.
Or sit on the windowsill, dangle your legs, looking at passers-by who are always hurrying somewhere and be silent.
Or come to visit each other for tea, and really drink tea.
Play dominoes, shout “fish” and not be afraid that you will not be understood.
Talk about the secret, giving each other their secrets. Understand.
Try to understand.
Open eyes…
Breathe…Give warmth. Touch your face and hair with careful glances.
Feel something special while creating a new mystery.
And it doesn’t matter that you don’t know each other well.
And it probably looks weird.
And let it not be long…

Not vulgarized.
Not stained.
…For the soul….