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June 2018

With you, but still alone

With you, but still alone You are near, but always somewhere So it happened. This connection is given We are…banned What do you and I have in common? I am autumn, you are spring in...

A lot will make sense...

A lot of things will make sense as long as there are people with whom you can just walk in the park and eat ice cream. Or get lost in the forest, playing football with bumps forever scurrying...


- Hi! Isn't it too late? - You know? Late... - I'm not talking about that ... Do not sleep? - Of course not) counting stars) - And How? Is everything in place? Two are missing... - One ...

Craving strong coffee

Craving strong coffee Yes, such that there was no strength to exhale And for the first time recognizing myself in profile - Suddenly slide across the face And suddenly forgiving Smile at...

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