The smell of rain. Winter this year is not very good
Although they still did not notice
He was still sick, she had almost recovered
And I just piled up capital letters
periods and commas and everything in between
there are still:
incurable fatigue
despair in the voicelessness
sadness and something else…
“Let the rain wash everything away”
And opened the windows

…It was pouring from the sky as if something had broken through
She left, gasping for air
Like a fish without oxygen
And he called and said-
It is impossible to turn off the song
Do you understand? – it will never go away…
It’s just that autumn is hard and tiring
Do not stand in the rain
Go home already…

She ran… To continue the torment
And she promised that she would not disappear again
He believes, but holds his hand firmly
When she opens the windows…