I will not tell you loud phrases
And I won’t even raise my voice
I will show you the door and us
Nothing will ever bind
I’ll brush away the unexpected sadness
What came to us from dots
We did not work out, so be it
Everything ends tonight
Cozy, soft blanket
Gently embrace my shoulders
You are one among a thousand
Could hurt my soul
I will not tell you unnecessary phrases
I won’t judge, I won’t be sad
You don’t watch what now
Standing with drooping shoulders
I will lift my eyes
And straighten my back again
And all the things I couldn’t say
In the look forever cool
I’ll brush away the desperate sadness
I will fix the masterful curl
“You didn’t love …” – … but I will restrain myself
It’s time to end, enough
I will touch the anxious faces
And calm down a little
You ruined … well, let
Go! Good riddance!