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September 2016

Ghosts...they are everywhere.

Ghosts...they are everywhere. They have always been, are and will be. They are strong. They are strong as long as we empower them. They live, or exist, thanks to us. We create them. We give th...

I loved you

I loved you Cold autumn time In the evening, at a late hour Remember? There were three of us Three... One of us Became more precious to me Don't worry, you It won't disturb Won't hurt...

And we disappear!

And we disappear! The city merges us into a common stream We are being dumped. We are erased faces in our portraits We can't pray in cigarette smoke We go with the flow of asphalt...

Cold moon

Cold moon Free She Out of time. Without bottom No tribe. One On the edge of a knife Went slowly Sometimes barely breathing Such is the...

Palm tormented by broken glass

Palm tormented by broken glass empty glasses How quickly our time is up among stations bars, taverns ridiculous buildings knowledge, nonsense misunderstandings... How did it happen? I...

..We often make mistakes...

..We often make mistakes...We don't even think about how often...Many people say "Well, we're human, we tend to do this." Naturally. Why is this happening, why in order to understand how luck...

I will not tell you loud phrases

I will not tell you loud phrases And I won't even raise my voice I will show you the door and us Nothing will ever bind I'll brush away the unexpected sadness What came to us from dots W...

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