Tomorrow Autumn. My calendar is out of order
And the morning curled up a little
And I, and my two cats, there are three of us
Lying on the couch, spitting at the ceiling
She, as always, comes off topic
Well, who wants it? Well, who called her?
And Summer has said goodbye, already running out
And at work blockage
And sad… And empty…. The apartment is a mess
Yes, and in the Soul something similar
Something’s wrong, something’s wrong
Morning, and you’re already completely exhausted
Listening to the wind, smoke out the window
The morning itself has moved away from you
The heart sank, it was tired
Summer – that’s just … And again said goodbye …

Tomorrow Autumn… Cold… Unsociable
And the tea is getting cold, and there is no sweet
SMS came – “Good morning, Beloved!
I’m bringing you gingerbread and a plush blanket :)”
(c) Elena Almazova
P.S. I wish EVERYONE a warm, caring Autumn,
hot tea and gentle hands!!!
People!!! I LOVE YOU!!!
May you be warm!!!