I waited for you!
Regardless of “not Fate” and stuff
Despite the letters, in which there are only dots,
emitting weak moans
I looked at your letters, as if they were icons
Only the wounds did not heal, but bled
I waited for you!
Curtains completely torn off
Covered … Often there were failures
This happens when you’re desperately waiting
and you understand… And you just can’t believe it:
That your doors won’t open anymore
Why don’t you come…
I waited for you!
Couldn’t help it
Without you, the apartment is completely empty.
And it’s cloudy all day in the city
As if someone put a seal on the city
And I often visit my mother
To have someone to be silent with …
I did not forget you. Studied the train station
I did not forget you.
I want you to know!