Escapes. Seeps through your fingers. Don’t hold back.
Half-fainting is just a residual phenomenon
Years spent. It turned out – it’s pointless to wait
We’re lost in time
Amphorno. Your body no longer obeys you
Wrist joints rebelled against handshakes
And the legs are tired … They are just tired of running and
just a twitch on the upper lip
stay true to you
Escapes. Only the contour remains
Silently looking into each other’s eyes – nothing can be returned
And a cheap brooch pierces the cold heart…
Salt from the eyes corrodes all horizons.
Escapes. And you seem to know – you need to let go
And screaming after him, and smashing your bodies against the ground is rather absurd.
We have passed our time. Silently. Thoughtlessly. And blindly
We burned right through it. He needs time to cool down…