You won’t be young anymore, smoke
Surrounds, puts on a stool
And the cold window reflects
the last pack of your evening cigarettes
And insomnia… thoughts trying to get away-
Yes, cold kitchen
and night…
You won’t be young anymore
And you are all somewhere, to someone
throws for some reason…
And someone else’s bed just eats you alive
And at night more and more often without heat and without measure
And more and more gray hair
And less faith…
You won’t be young anymore
You will not become kinder, bolder and cleaner
And for feelings for others you become a beggar
And less and less you need yourself and your family
You won’t be young anymore, but one day
Looking into someone’s eyes, you involuntarily understand
you won’t return anything, but still – something is important
And you won’t let go, and you won’t leave
You won’t be young anymore…
… Broadcast …
And you won’t get overtime
But you will love
And you will be loved
I promise you …
I prophesied to you…