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March 2016

...Other orders. Other laws.

...Other orders. Other laws. Let go of the past, embrace the new Exit one but enter another zone Reflash yourself. Change pedigree And time is an anesthesiologist to hell Like a thorn in...

I waited for you!

I waited for you! Regardless of "not Fate" and stuff Despite the letters, in which there are only dots, emitting weak moans I looked at your letters, as if they were icons Only the wounds...

And so I want the REAL ...

And so I want the REAL ... Feelings coming from the heart, not contrived by the brain. Not far-fetched. Real, real. When you stand next to me, and the ground leaves from under your feet. Or...

Night urban landscape

Night urban landscape cigarette crumpled between fingers Questions that remained unanswered Our last evening In the last month of summer Left somewhere... Among the stooping pale...

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