what about a glass? Do you think life will settle down?
and it will be easier to go home, into the void
on the sidewalks at night?
well i’m with you
learn to take hits
you are broken, torn and burned
but still survived
and I’m only at the beginning of the road
but they are getting closer…
then we’ll go, propping each other up with you
that’s how it would be in life, but the puzzle, alas, did not work out
you are like an organ that could not, did not take root
and I … but who am I to you …
neither boyfriend nor girlfriend
random souls, empty, lost
Of course we weren’t the best
but still they loved, but they were already cured of the disease …
we became like letters
written through and through, but life is lived by a third
and I’ll whisper – hurry up
it’s time for us to burn
so that they don’t read us, so that they don’t tear the pages …
and you kiss me on the eyelashes
and say you have to be patient…
and the night will scatter us in the corners
and each in his own emptiness
will wander
and sleep on a cold bed
can’t do it again
but time goes by…
time will help..