why did you look back? do you feel better?
what did you want to see? cracked car mirror
where we once loved each other?
and now we can’t… because hearts are broken…
Why did I stand and look at your back?
I did not look at you, but at the train,
I wanted to move him with my eyes
so you don’t leave…
but my opinion is not a hindrance to him
however, like you
I’ll stand a little longer, cool down
and leave. and I’ll probably forget
or I will remember you on holidays, for example, on New Year’s Eve
or on your birthday
if I can be born again, I will probably be proud of myself
maybe on sundays
we always bought a cake on the weekend…
just know it will pass
maybe you won’t forget me too
no longer important
well, happy! It’s time for me to go, the humidity is rising
in your former beloved eyes
we’ll figure it out later
in energy bindings and knots
understand their essence
let’s get rid of…

I won’t ask you why you didn’t come back
but why did you turn around…?