… And again, under the windows, someone wanders alone,
quietly in the evening, hunched over strongly
You don’t know your first or last name
You can close the curtains, period
and not suffer from impotence to somehow help him
straighten your shoulders, right?
because he is almost on a split
soon it will be night outside
You go after him, trying to catch up
But he moves away
letting you know…
And you understand…
All of a sudden you understand..
… So quiet around, the steps subsided
They faded away a long time ago
It’s just echoes all the time
Only echo…
No one came…
Nobody came…
No one went under the window
It seemed
So … Something remains in memory …
Back home, close the curtains tighter
And a photo dear to the pain
keep away from the table
already in the mezzanine…
After all, soon it will be night outside
and you’re split…