Again dots, dashes, letters, words
Tendons re-tension
Tell me, did we really live? I
and you?
And How? We were friends?
Who were each other?
What were? Just flowers?
People? Animals? Birds?
The most beautiful?
I must have had very thick eyelashes
Or thin, bright petals
Such in a dream can only dream
And very light
And you were stronger than Heavenly Thunder
And the most enduring, the fastest
And probably take care of me, your spark
And never left home
We grew up side by side. Or maybe we were trees?
and the branches were intertwined, and we could not be separated
Or maybe like fish? were silent
but the fins tried to hug each other?
Or maybe we were stones … I am small, fragile,
and you guarded me so that no one would take away like a talisman
around your neck
Or maybe you were the bay, and I’m such a small isthmus … yours
Tell me, was I with you?
Tell me drink to me!
We lived?
Was our world perfect?
Did it have barriers?
Say I don’t remember…
… Something transparent is being dripped into my vein
They said it must…
Is it necessary?