I know I should have put a stop
And don’t turn it into a comma
No, I’m not waiting for you back, exactly.
And I’m not jealous of anyone at all
And long ago my dreams turned into beads
What I scatter in bed at night
Well, what could I give you – minuscule
Which together then began to spend
Yes, it was necessary to put a point
And do not drag a dead elephant behind you
And do not give anyone feelings in installments
From the heart along and across the rubbed
but still waiting for you
in the morning at the sat window frames
Once, in my soul I built a temple
In which I pray for you without knowing
to those gods…
I hear everywhere “no move to the past”
Or maybe there is, but you should not go
But without you there are no sunrises
And I want to find them
Trust me it’s hard when you’re alone
For a long time I have already strayed from the pack
I know it’s time to put an end
But sorry, comma again…