tears…there is no truth in them
tears quickly wash away youth
the heart ages quickly
the risk is not justified
and look at the sky in the back
interferes with someone’s stoop
Wow. It’s your stoop
wow, how life touched you…

what did you do
so that there are no tears?
wanted to live?
did it just happen?
Fate whistled
moved the axle?
and the sky prayed all the time …
and whispered softly in your ear, breathe!
breathe… But you decided everything for him…

why do we need you?
share dinner with you?
to share the last sparks of light with you?
cold all the time
guilt loaded
why are your tears
we’re sinking so fast…

no one dared
did not call
to yourself and others
all tangled up in nerves
let’s shell out
you weren’t like that
and I wasn’t
we will be the first…