Do you remember how it all started
In the crowd, on a rainy gray morning,
Two loneliness had to
Clash together for a minute

And the fire of love blazed
And two souls were able to keep warm
You burned my hand
I burned your heart

The cold wind howled like a wolf
Rain whipped, tore off all the chains
And you and I stood in silence
Turning each other to ashes

But we were noticed by a noisy city
And our hands are open
And we, without uttering a word,
Each other … just pushed away

For years we have wanted
Find shelter for your soul
And loved and burned
And we have no more minutes

But everything is gone – always passes
And my heart doesn’t seem to hurt
After all, proud souls do not remember
Mistakes, weaknesses

Yes, everything is gone, where do we go
But every time we meet again
You hide the scar on your heart
And I am a palm that is again in the blood …