It’s so hard when you don’t believe
It’s so hard when you want more than you can give
And for less, well, how to explain? Disagree
And like a etude sketch, you measure everything
To prevent slipping from the edges
And can anyone appreciate you
The answer is still not clear

And life is a side
And everywhere – about wisdom,
To nausea, screaming in both ears
And it seems like you’re losing your hearing
And all this with someone else, not with you
Everywhere they scream…
Laugh… Regret
They twist their soul…
Understand – can’t

It’s so hard when the morning comes and you didn’t notice
And did not have time to meet him, as before, with a smile
After all, you were always so desperately sincerely bright
But something happened, and it became a mistake for someone
And the sights went off
And to hell with the mood
And everything around is intact
And you’re all cut…

It’s so hard when you realize that you’ve lived past
And the sun is not so bright and colorful shines
And in this city there are no more loved ones
Or maybe on the whole planet
And drink from your throat
And smoke at night
Soul died
Saved by doctors

Yes, it’s hard, but it’s not forever either.
And the razor blade will return to its original place
And maybe it will never leave
Write protests
And quit smoking
Or a stone in the window
Now it doesn’t matter…

Already, anyway…