Turn around we live.
I don’t want a little more
How can we give buti
Turn around, I don’t want you anymore
Yaku p’yu shonochі
When your heart hurts
I want to die
You don’t know any more
godless tortur
І shob bula silence navkolo
Without the hubbub of cartoons…

Turn around we live.
I don’t want light without you
I’m for you if the rose
And now I’m so unstriking
I’m a shovechora zovsіm p’yana
Because I don’t have enough strength
trimati in the hands of your portrait
I wore yoga with me
And vchora – all the night she was crying over him
Bo at the news they said the door
What is too rich … what should be erased ..
I more than anyone…
І zovsіm mowed me down

I will check
If you wake the light, I will scream
What marni zusilla
What to finish writing, shukati …
І navit yakscho I zstrіnu my deity
I see for God’s hati ask
Sob you turn around
I can’t live without you.

I will check
I will ask
And you – turn around, we live …