So what now?

When the door is closed, you can knock
or pick up the keys, or pick the lock
What if the door is sealed?
And you couldn’t break it.
And everything that hasn’t killed you in a long time
made stronger. But is it happier?
And now what to do with your strength?…

Blowing up the nooks and crannies of Consciousness you find the Cause, it strikes
exposed areas of the body, a harassed brain
And it doesn’t reflect you in the mirrors
And Bosch gets closer
And you are already studying your life standing on the parapet
And you rush the sky with an answer,
but it is in no hurry, as if it does not hear
questions of your Soul.

And time goes by. And your hands no longer touch anyone,
gasp for empty air. And you keep looking back
as if fearing that he had died … Not at all …
And leave no more traces…
None of the worlds
…A strange time.
A heavy burden for those who are not ready for it…