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December 2014

and the train left...

and the train left... and after him for a long time, through the net-lattices of blurred eyelashes she looked. orphan. To the bottom empty platform and station and didn't tell her...

We choose our own destiny

We choose our own destiny We know in advance what is happening to us will be... And in the morning, when no one wakes up Don't Ask God Filling my eyelids with tears You made your...

Now you are free

Now you are free Now we are alone And no one and nothing else will bind us And if fate punishes me again -one to survive these days Now you are free And free to fly To where someone ver...


...Q.E.D And to whom? To myself... And it turns out - neither give nor take In this stupid ridiculous fight... And again, as if at the bottom Alone with...

Night. Blanket. Bed.

Night. Blanket. Bed. There is nothing to give. Nothing to take Night. Bed. Blanket. There were so many. It has become so small. Bed. Blanket. Night. Whatever one may say, damn it, a dead...

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