…Once upon a time, my future Friend asked me, “Do you like winter?”
I said no, she’s cold
He said, but she brings snow)
And I say, he butt gives in the eyes and blurs all the cosmetics. At that moment, the snow really flowed down my bangs in streams, and my mascara flowed along with it (
He smiled and said, don’t paint your eyes, you are already very beautiful)
And then I decided to move away to dry my eyes, and crashed, slipping on the ice. There was a lot of snow around, but I managed to slip and fall. I turned to him and said – so what, what’s good about her???? In your winter??? The mood, already spoiled at work, came to naught
He walked over and “fell” next to me.
-Look at the sky, Ribbon (that’s what he called me)), just look…
We lay in the snow, in full view of passers-by. In the middle of the street And incredibly large flakes of snow flew from the sky. Like crazy moths. We looked at them and were silent… Words were not needed there.
Then they played snowballs. I was pumped out in the snow twenty times. A few times I still fell myself))
At home, undressing, I pulled a whole snowdrift off myself. Flew from mom. Father said, “It’s time to grow up,” and sadly shook his head..
Warming myself with hot milk and honey, I stood near the window. The moths were all flying. They didn’t want to sleep. I looked at them, remembering the crazy snowball fight with a smile.)
The New Year was approaching. It became really New for me…

…Recently I was asked, – Almazova, do you like winter?
I chuckled. Memories did not allow to keep a serene expression on his face.
– No, I answered. I do not like.
I love her!!!