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November 2014


Cold...Moon Free... She Out of time... Without a bottom No tribe... Alone On the Edge...of the Knife Walked ... Slowly Sometimes barely ... Breathing Such...

Sunday winter morning

Sunday winter morning Bed and hot coffee Take off your mother-of-pearl Tidy up your profile Organize your thoughts You start a file on them One day they hung But time is a good...

Slipped over the skin

Slipped over the skin Clasps ripped More comfortable lying down Slightly shaken Smoky Evening Glass fragments Cold Shoulders And dream. Until the...

Look at my palms

Look at my palms The winds scratched them The soul has worn out on the platform Waiting for kilometers My dress is frayed Lips bitten to blood And I fall into these arms How...

Gray quiet morning

gray quiet morning not a sound just comes in without knocking kitchen. slab tea with bergamot looking out the window tired a cup for yourself and for someone who are forever...

Just one touch of the hand

Just one touch of the hand hair... eyelashes... no, no, I... just remembered what are you... Sometimes it doesn't seem to hurt anymore but suddenly I thought - and again... There is no wa...

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