You are my night time
I am your morning boost
You can’t go a day without dirty jokes
I am without a daily routine
You easily dive into someone else’s ordinary
I’m crazy about this fact
It’s all quite normal for you.
For me it’s like -fuck you
So tell me why is it so important to you
banal, masculine, systematic
Better high-rise mats
what is the average
Don’t kill me with these phrases
See I can’t take the load
Do you want me to wear a skirt with rhinestones
And I will wear women’s blouses
I will flirt, play the maid
And slap on doll eyelashes
And so as not to turn inside out
I pretend I’m just dreaming…

Gone time saliva choked
Life according to the Soul ran through staples
I’ve just been born again
And they already took me for a test…