I’m going home today, in one hand a bag of peaches, in the other, an awesome bouquet of daisies. I decided that I just had to treat myself to something. True, the mood still did not improve much, something was missing, well, as usual). sounds of breaking furniture, mats… It’s a family. Surprisingly silent for two days, I thought they killed each other, but no, they are alive. Still alive. I came home, in the apartment, silence, empty, however, and in a state of repair, but still silence. Two furry, cheerful creatures, insane with joy, ran out, and immediately climbed into the package. Yes, only they meet, but they love. Are waiting. Rejoice. You return home, where you are expected, where you are needed. Yes, daisies for myself) And peaches) And dinner with animals. But is it really that bad? No one sends you, no one calls you su…y, no one breaks your furniture. Doesn’t change. Doesn’t betray. Doesn’t take advantage of your goodness. No, it’s not bad, definitely not bad. Of course, these are all extremes, but… It’s not even bad 1f642 Im going home today, in one hand a bag of peaches