…Sometimes you wake up in the morning and understand: I would give a considerable part of my life for a five-minute spiritual intimacy. Real, sincere, mutual. When you open your eyes and see the Light, and not just the rays of the morning sun that accidentally looked at you on the terracotta wallpaper. When there is no feeling that all your limbs are numb and you can no longer move. Never. Because you can’t… Because you don’t want to…

Joint movements.
Mutually beneficial cooperationo.
For an adult.
As expected.

Day. Evening. Night. By someone else’s rules. Under new laws.
Morning reveals, really. For some reason, morning is necessary, like you, this
… damn intimacy. And all people are like people, but you got hurt. Get past this adulthood. So it didn’t grow. I couldn’t… I didn’t want to… But you pretend. And they seem to believe you. Only morning gives out. When you look at these rays and… Well, not enough!!! Five minutes, at least five minutes… To understand what happiness it is to be alive…