Along the avenue of madness, among the sleepy alleys
Exposing their defenseless fresh wounds
He didn’t run alone. He was not sick alone.
Together with her
Covering everyone with the predawn
July mist

Road wet dust creaked underfoot
Under the curbs, the stones froze in their indifference
Tearing out yesterday’s bitter reality from the body
Somewhere in the region of the heart, clothes were torn to pieces

For him, the ragged shirt spasm was familiar.
For her, it is the first time, but both rushed frantically
Tripping over someone’s drunk random sarcasm
And the signals of cars, reflected in the windows timidly

… Disappearing in the morning, soft July fog
Turned their joint pain into a little habit
Calmed down inside the burning heart of the volcano
And brought them home. They are together again.
As usual………..