You can wait a long time.
You can live in illusions.
You can dissolve, lose yourself, get exhausted.
You can spend your life knocking on closed doors…
Years pass… There are doors that are no longer closed, but boarded up. From within. They won’t open. They can be broken, broken, destroyed, and then collect chips and pray for the repose.

You can be patient and just be patient.
As everybody. As many do. As accepted. A step to the left, a step to the right to change something is considered an extra energy expenditure. Unaffordable luxury. Quirk…

Flowers for the holidays. Sunday love. Cups on saucers.
Normal. Average. Everyday.

…Today was a special dew. Legs just came alive. And the dawn was amazing. The sun looked out cautiously, as if it was afraid not to see me… I lay in the grass, inhaling the aroma of a new, amazing day. The sky was reflected in her eyes again. And in the cool dew, under the timid rays of the morning sun, she warmed up. Really warmed up!
Is it possible not to love summer?