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June 2014

You can wait a long time.

You can wait a long time. You can live in illusions. You can dissolve, lose yourself, get exhausted. You can spend your life knocking on closed doors... Years pass... There are doors that...

We often believe in what is not

We often believe in things that aren't there. We accept wishful thinking. We believe that we can change, improve, save what is going to hell with incredible speed. We endow loved ones with...

With you we were brothers

you and I were brothers we were tempered harder than steel we are like wounded memes knocked silently into the void we were just palpable slowly growing roots but did not become...

It happens... You hate the Void

That's because it happens ... You hate the Void. You avoid her. Fill with something or someone. You wave it off. You close the curtains so Her breath won't enter your house. You complain about...

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