In a strange world, foreign rules, new facets
What do you step on when you get hurt
And when tin compounds are launched under the skin
And it doesn’t bother you that it’s already … Tin
And the eyes changed color, and more and more often you want to say
“I want to be drunk”
To somehow get used to the new…

And the new one does not spare
Opening the door wider – closes the windows
And it seems to be the way out now, breaking glass
Rush out
But suddenly you are no longer needed there
And now, eyes get used to the darkness
Eyes that are no longer the same …

Everything is different here
Here you can love one, and go to another …

And also, hugging your favorite tree
You will know that it gives fruits not only to you
And more and more often he drinks from other people’s springs
And sheltering a tear on a trembling lip
You understand that in the world, among twins
You were left alone, but already not sure of yourself

Here they shoot in the back of the head, and kisses are port
And it’s okay to poison the dogs food
And under a hail of bottles flying to passers-by in the head
You find yours, in a besotted drunken delirium…

But maybe I’m all dreaming…
It could have happened…