He walked loudly around the room and with all his appearance portrayed bewilderment.
– You were spending again, but I was thinking about you, and I was driving to you from Kyiv. TO YOU, do you understand?
How, well, how can you prove that I don’t need anyone but you?
Her thin shoulders trembled slightly. It’s been almost half a year since they got involved in this complex and controversial game called “relationships”
-I am writing to You, I am calling You and I want to see You, he did not let up, now and then bumping into objects scattered on the floor.
“Half a year is a long time, you know?
-Understand. She raised her gray, slightly dull eyes to him. Six months have passed since she, having broken her already wounded life, met Him. Met and loved. It’s so simple, trite and without frills. He knew about it and didn’t mind. I just couldn’t answer the same. There was nothing. She waited. Six months.
The evening rolled its inevitability on the fallen shoulders.
-I need you. Nobody else. You!
– I’ll stay, just don’t scream, please… You know that I’ll stay. I always stay.
– Well, understand, all these “others”, and calls, and SMS – they are already in the past. Now only you…
… Morning coffee cheered up a little and relieved fatigue. May began outside the window. He put his arm around her waist and kissed her temple as usual. The morning was quiet. It’s like someone turned the sound up. A little. Not too much. Whenever she stays with him, there is a “twisted morning”.
– I’ll call you, My Good. He slowly closed the door behind her. The bells near the entrance screamed and fell silent.
“That’s what’s happening to me, my old Friend doesn’t come to me, but they go in idle bustle, they’re not the same variety …”. He dialed a text message and sent it to the usual, painfully frayed number. This is not her number. She did not yet know that “Not the one” …