How to tell you, you know, I met the SEA
How can I explain to you, I was looking for myself in that wilderness
Then I was lost in myself, I was in a quarrel with myself
and it met and became a part of the Soul
My Sea was either serious or funny
That played with me, then it healed burns on my heart
And slept in the palms, but the sky has recently collapsed
And for some reason, the gods suddenly left him
The sea was daringly torn from the hands, it was taken away
And locked in a cage, and I could not stop
Against the whole world alone, against hell and heaven
Against the belief that I can learn to breathe again
I don’t know if I can find the strength in myself
I don’t know if the Sea will survive until spring
And what italics will still sweep through Life
I only know that I left my heart with him.

How can I tell you … you understand … I met the SEA
How can I explain to you … It has become more important than Life …