You know, I think I’m getting used to
And, as it turned out, there is nothing wrong with that.
Though I still put another cup on the table
when I pour tea
And I forget to turn off the light
And also, when I stagger down the street from idleness
And I’m surprised at the scattered puddles
So I want to pull your sleeve, look into your eyes
and tell me how you…
…The other day I found out that I can repair a crane
Turning on a light bulb is no problem at all.
Well, what else is new, I do not lay out the sofa anymore
And I don’t like this thread at all.
Also, all the flowers withered.
Even though I water them
Maybe because you were here before
And now, no, but for them it is important …
…Parents say hello
They don’t know yet that we don’t exist…